Fuori di Terra

Nuovi personaggi per il progetto Fuori di Gabbia: laboratorio artigianale nato all'interno del carcere di Treviso e sostenuto da Caritas Tarvisina. 


Motion graphics - PressUp2

Hi! I updated my website with some new illustrations for a motion graphic project in collaboration with Racoon Studio.
 For more details, take a look at the online portfolio ;)


Noah's Ark

A new illustration based on the Noah's Ark story designed for a children's app



L'abominevole orsetto

L'abomievole orsetto delle nevi sarà presto tra noi! 
Ho aggiornato il SITO con delle nuove illustrazione tratte dal libro ;)


space battle!!

Hi! It's a very busy period, I'm working on several projects at the moment and no enough free time to update the blog, sorry :(  But in the meanwhile, here a little work in progress with T-rex and aliens ;)


greeting cards

Hi! I've started to work on some greeting card illustrations and doodles for a very nice mobile app 
Here some sketches! :D


inspiration notebook

 I've started a very useful notebook: like a pinterest board, but on paper.
A collection of watercolors samplers, piece of paper and any kind of inspiration I find nearby, always on my desk ;)

Cars and trucks!

Blue and orange, my favorite colors!


paper animals

Playing with paper, cutter and a bit of digital ;)

Crayons doodles

Party doodles and lettering, perfect for a birthday card!
After this experiment I need a complete set of crayons and markers! I'm a bit exhausted to spend my days in front of the computer and I really need to work again with traditional media :)

I'm thinking of opening an Etsy shop with some handmade stuff, prints, cards, ecc.. I also would like to use again all my screen printing stuff, arrange a corner in the studio for sewing, create something! I hope to be able to do it before the end of summer ;)




Ecco qui in anteprima alcuni personaggi e prove colore su cui sto lavorando ;)
spero di poter aggiornare presto il portfolio con i nuovi lavori!