I did some experiments with paper collage and digital. I really love these characters and I hope to have the occasion to use them in some illustration project ;)


Airport characters

I'm thinking of a big airport-illustration with lots of characters and fun scenes to do for some promotional stuff I'd like to add to my portfolio ;) 
Here the first characters that came out last night, I hope to come back soon with other roughs!


my designs on spoonflower.com :)

Hi and happy new year! How has been your first 2015 weekend?? 
I've spent the last days of holidays updating my spoonflower account, this amazing website where you can print and sell your own designs on fabric and paper. I've followed the website for a while but only last week I joined their weekly design contest about math!

Here my design: Math is fun!

Give a look: HERE you can vote your favorite math design of this week :)



New drawing tools under the Christmas tree this year!! *__*
And you? What's in your presents??


Merry Christmas!!!

Hey! it's the end of the year and I'm in a hurry to review the last pages of two new books that will be published in 2015 and then enjoy the holidays :) 
Hope to show you soon some new illustrations from the Activity Space Book, which I've just finished (with a lot of fun stickers!) and other stuff still in progress ;)

  Merry Christmas to all of you and happy new year!


Il mio amico trasformista

Sta per uscire in libreria 'Il mio amico trasformista' pubblicato da Sinnos all'interno della collana Leggimi!
il testo è di Blackman Malorie
ecco qualche mia illustrazione per le pagine interne ;)



E' passato troppo tempo dall'ultimo aggiornamento sui lavori in corso, ma sono stata parecchio impegnata su diversi progetti editoriali che vedranno presto la luce qui in Italia!
Pubblico qui sotto qualche assaggino ;)


Fuori di Terra

Nuovi personaggi per il progetto Fuori di Gabbia: laboratorio artigianale nato all'interno del carcere di Treviso e sostenuto da Caritas Tarvisina. 


Motion graphics - PressUp2

Hi! I updated my website with some new illustrations for a motion graphic project in collaboration with Racoon Studio.
 For more details, take a look at the online portfolio ;)


Noah's Ark

A new illustration based on the Noah's Ark story designed for a children's app



L'abominevole orsetto

L'abomievole orsetto delle nevi sarà presto tra noi! 
Ho aggiornato il SITO con delle nuove illustrazione tratte dal libro ;)


space battle!!

Hi! It's a very busy period, I'm working on several projects at the moment and no enough free time to update the blog, sorry :(  But in the meanwhile, here a little work in progress with T-rex and aliens ;)


greeting cards

Hi! I've started to work on some greeting card illustrations and doodles for a very nice mobile app 
Here some sketches! :D